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PV Container

PV container can be integrate with photovoltaic inverter, AC and DC power distribution (optional), medium voltage transformers, ring main unit (RMU), system monitoring, fire alarm, environmental monitoring (optional) and other functional modules, and a large number of AC cables etc.

PV containers can be used and operated in places with low temperature, high altitude and other harsh environments, widely used in desert, plateau, commercial buildings and other large and medium-sized photovoltaic power generation system.

Since they can be built to comply with shipping standard, it reduces the shipping cost, cost of maintenance and construction of the site will be minimum.

Product Description

  • Integrated inverter, transformer and switch-gear
  • Lower transportation cost due to standard shipping container size
  • No need for the inverter house on site
  • Integrated ventilation duct and auxiliary power supply
  • Standard 10’/20’/40' container

Available Options:

  • 8’
  • 10’Standard / 10’HC
  • 20’ Standard/ 20’HC
  • 30’ Power Container
  • 40’ Standard/ 40’HC
  • Other sizes as per the need of clients*


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