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Generator Container

Generator container, designed and manufactured by JS Container are used to install the generator to form a removable, portable and off the grid power supply. Power generator container designed to bear the weight from 20T to 60T, to meet the requirement to install large mechanical and electrical equipments.

They go through mechanical checking and bearing tests and are easy to transport and maintenance. Generator containers are manufactured to comply with the international shipping standards. Different customer' requirements can be fulfilled like ventilation, insulation, noise reduction, different interfaces and other requirements.

Product Description

  • Capable of equipping with Diesel Generator set and other supporting equipments
  • Interior is made of rock wool & punch plate for heat insulation and noise reduction.
  • These containers can also be equipped with a variety of interfaces and air circulation systems for the generator set
  • Most common types/sizes of generator containers are 20ft, 30ft and 40ft
  • Use of these containers are normally in the remote locations where there is need of electricity but no connectivity chances with the grid like mines, remote construction sites, offshore oil fields etc and sometimes these containers are used as the backup/ alternative energy source in different industrial areas, hospitals, larger commercial buildings, malls etc where the power is required 24/7


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