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Open Side Container

Open Side containers are special shipping containers that make it easier to access and store the goods via additional doors on the side. They come in standard in a 20 and 40 foot size so that different types of cargos can be stored as per the need.


These containers are fitted with timber flooring and are equipped with double doors at the front that open to 270 degrees. Loading cargo front of the container is not always practical at that time side door containers come into play.


The side open containers are suitable for commercial, industrial or retail storage or display and all the doors have lockbox fitted for extra security.

Product Description

Available Options:

20’OS (Door on single or Both Ends)

20’hard open top

20’HC Open Side Dangerous Goods

20’HC OS DG with partition wall

40’OS & 40’HC OS

40'OS With 8 doors


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