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Different types of Containerized Equipments and their benifits

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Equipment Container

Equipment containers or Containerized Equipments are used to meet the mobile transportation requirements of the equipment. Its structure facilitates the installation and maintenance of equipment. They can be designed and build according to customer requirements like cabinet insulation, cooling, noise reduction and other processing, as well as other tailor made solutions.


These containers are widely used in electric power, railway, highway, water conservancy, petroleum and military fields. Some of the widely known equipment containers are:

- PV Container

- Energy Storage Container

- Battery Swap Container

- Oil Exploration Container

1. BOP Container

2. Mud Logging Container

- Generator Container

- Fuel Storage Container

- Workshop Container

- Water Treatment Container

- Containerized Data Centers

- Containerized Testing Centers

- Bulk Packaging Container

- Other Equipment Containers

Why Equipment Container and How they can benefit the clients?

  • Low Cost - High Strength

Shipping containers offer a huge structural strength for a fraction of the cost of traditional timber steel and concrete constructions. Because all the strength is contained in the structural elements themselves, the foundation design is simpler and less expensive.

These two factors leave more room in the budget for exterior finishes and interior design, allowing luxurious appointment with contemporary design materials.

  • Small Footprint - Large Living Area

This construction technique is ideal for multi-storey dwellings or office space, offering a large usable area in a small footprint.

  • Tiny Construction Time

Once the plan is designed and finalized, the containers are manufactured and fitted out at the workshop. Construction time onsite can be reduced compared to the traditional building time.

  • Unlimited Potential for Difficult Sites

Equipment containers are the best alternative for the places which are environmentally harsh like South Pole and North Pole, cold place with year around temperature of -5 to -30 degree C; deserts with temperature above and around 50 degree C; offshore with marine environment. Also these equipment containers will be best alternative for the places which are geographically isolated and remote like remote mining and construction site, oil exploration sites.

JS Container design and manufacture different range of equipment containers along with other special containers.

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